Barrow County Habitat for Humanity offers volunteer opportunities for you to help with all aspects of home building. We have both construction and non-construction volunteer opportunities available to you. You do not need to be an expert in construction to help out on a work site. On-site construction work is the most popular of Habitat’s volunteer opportunities. We make every effort to incorporate all willing volunteers regardless of skill level. Please review the guidelines below in order to best prepare for volunteering on a construction site. Once you’ve reviewed the handbook and guidelines you may fill out our volunteer form. We will be in touch as volunteer opportunities become available.

Handbook: All volunteers are required to review the Volunteer Handbook before volunteering at the construction site. Please take the time to look through the handbook and contact us at [email protected] with any questions. 

Schedule: BCHFH generally builds only on Saturdays from 8:30 am to approximately 3:30 pm. Please arrive on time so that you don’t miss the necessary training for that day’s tasks. If you are interested in a volunteering, as an individual or with a group, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and sing the online Release Waiver. We will contact you when we begin our next build to schedule a volunteer build day.

Gloves and Tools: Volunteers may bring their own work gloves and tools, but please mark your name on them and remember to take them home with you. We do have gloves and tools onsite.

Type of Work: Volunteers work on nearly every facet of home construction, helping with dozens of tasks ranging from framing to painting and landscaping. The Volunteer Coordinator will let you know what tasks are scheduled for your workday so that you may plan accordingly.

Age Requirements: For safety reasons, construction volunteers must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18, must sign a Parental Release form and you will not be allowed to use power equipment; work on a ladder, roof, or scaffolding; or participate in any hazardous activity.

Dress Code: Please note that it is mandatory that volunteers wear closed-toes shoes (work boots are preferable) and pants, not shorts. Sandals are not permitted on a construction site. You may want to bring along rain gear or extra layers of clothing (depending on the weather), as well as sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat.

Food and Beverages: The Volunteer Coordinator will let you know whether or not you are responsible for providing your own lunch, snacks and beverages (another reason to sign up ahead of time). There will be a lunch break, typically sometime between noon and 1 pm. We prefer that you not leave the work-site.

Brown Bag volunteers:are those who make or pick up food for the construction volunteers. If you’re interested in serving as a Brown Bag volunteer please contact the volunteer coordinator

Weather:Depending on the nature of the work scheduled, a workday may be cancelled. Generally this is only if there is a severe storm or conditions are too slippery to work safely. The Volunteer Coordinator will let volunteers know as soon as possible if this is the case. We encourage
you to reschedule in the event of a weather-related cancellation.

Directions/Parking: When you schedule your workday, you will be told the location of the work-site. The Volunteer Coordinator will provide directions. Parking space is often limited, so we strongly encourage carpooling if you are part of a group. In general, everyone should park on the same side of the street to allow other vehicles to pass safely.

Upon Arrival at the Work-site: When you arrive at the work-site, please look for a table manned by a site host. You will be asked to sign in. The site host will let you know what equipment you need, where it is, and will acquaint you with the amenities provided. You’ll get a brief orientation to Habitat and the day’s activities. You will then be introduced to the day’s house and crew leaders. House leaders are knowledgeable about all aspects of house building. They will be overseeing site safety as well as all the work performed that day. Crew leaders are knowledgeable about one or more aspects of house building. You will be assigned to a crew leader, who will provide your supervision.

When You Are Ready to Depart: When you are ready to leave, please take a few minutes to clean up after yourself and help clean up the work-site. If you’ve used a nail apron, please return the nails to the appropriate container. Remember to collect all your belongings before leaving the site.